Born To Play:

When I’m talking to people about writing and performing music, many people say to me you’re so lucky to be born with a gift for music, they never seem to ask how long it took to learn to play an instrument or indeed how much time have I invested in mixing and producing music. This has caused me to ask the question, is there such a thing as natural talent for something or can anyone learn to do anything they see others doing?

I had to admit when looking at a wonderful piece of art I also see the artist as having a natural predisposition to seeing things in a way that enables them to create a masterpiece.But then what about all those hours I know I’ve spent learning not just to play but studying music and learning to record and produce it.

After talking to friends and family about this, it would seem that almost everybody believes that you are born with something that naturally enhances the ability of a person to do what they are born to do so to speak, I have come to believe that, that which you are born to makes you happy and therefore you spend large amounts of time honing your skills willingly and with pleasure. As an artist you need to see things a certain way and that can’t be taught, but still time must be given to mold your ability, similarly as a musician you may have a feel for the rhythms but still need practice to play an instrument.

This is not to say it would not be possible to learn something without a natural gift!

Indeed most people perform tasks in the work place they may not choose to do if they were not earning a living from it, but maybe it would be fair to say if you have a natural affinity with something you will enjoy doing it and find a way to do it even if it is not as a means to earn a living.




A round of applause 4th Aprill:

Growing up I was drawn to music, something in me came alive when I started to experiment with playing instruments and writing songs. Hearing and seeing extraordinary exponents of this art form gave me goose bumps and inspired me to want to be able to play like them.

Often these amazingly talented people weren’t the big names, they were local musicians playing for the sheer joy they got when performing, that moment when something inside kicks in and suddenly you’re playing in the zone, that moment when the band hits that certain groove where everything is just perfect for you.

In every town, in every city, in every country in the world there are amazing musicians practicing their art for the joy it brings to themselves and others. Many may not have the notoriety they perhaps deserve but that does not negate their mastery. Whilst I am sure that most would welcome success on a bigger stage, I am also sure that none would give up their instruments for the lack of that success.

If you perform yourself or love to listen to others perform, music sits in the soul and permeates through the veins like a drug. For each of us that certain sound we listen for may be different but its ability to move us, take us back to a place in time or evoke feelings within us is the same.

I am still learning from and still inspired by the depth of skill and feeling many musicians show, however big the stage they’re on, often asking for no more than a smile and a round of applause. I tip my hat, with a smile and bring my hands together for all.



4th March:

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